My dear friend, Death

My old friend paid me a visit today,

Though it’s been awhile since we last spoke

I knew He’d come to play.


He knocked three times & once more

I welcomed him in through my front door.


I asked Him how He’d been,

If it was me He’d come to glean?

But he wandered to the window

Which stood my beloved Evergreen.


“It’s not your time my child,

For you there’s still much to come.

I can see that you’re still eager,

But for now you’re not the one.”


My limbs went numb & cold

As He caressed Her leaves.

I begged, I screamed, I cried

For Him to listen to my plea:


“My dear friend Death,

You can’t take Her. She keeps me company.

I tell Her my tales & stories

And about places I have not seen.


I water Her every morning

And talk to Her every night.

See, if you take Her away from me

Die a little, I just might.”


But He ripped Her away suddenly, before I was even done.

A home once meant for two, had become a home for one.


That night after tossing & turning,

I got up to make some sound

And found beneath the window


A green leaf on the ground.



Though after only one week my evergreen leaf turned brown,

I will keep it forever if that means She’ll still be around.


I know that I should hate Him

For taking away Her breath.

But He never leaves me lonely;

I still have my dear friend, Death.




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