Save The Best For Last

I learned about you at a very young age.

I was nearly year seven

When my dog went to Heaven

It lead me to dance, like it was my sage.

We met a few years later

But this loss was much greater-

You took not one, but three parts of my soul.

Though confusing at that time,

I think it now as sublime…

You prepped me to not always feel whole.

A few years back, I was all dressed in black &

stumbling home late at night.

The wine had been flowing, & you (ever

knowing) questioned taking me in the street


We danced then & there

But you walked me home after.

For reasons of which I’ll never know,

You spared me in the latter.

We still dance sometimes, mostly under the


I ask why you never take me-

You always say that it’s too soon.

I worry that I’ll be the last,

That you’ll take everyone before me.

This time I start to cry a tear

But you brush it from my cheek.

Can you see that I’m not scared of you?

Is that why you save me for last?

I threaten to no longer dance with you,

When you respond with words like whiplash!

“It’s not that I want you to suffer,

Or help you learn to be tougher.

I’m much more selfish, I must admit,

But you most of all, can’t blame me one bit.

I’m not saving you for last my darling,

It’s simply not possible for you to be.

Why, have you never stopped to think?

The last can only be me.”


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