Sweet Boy

I’m more like you than I admit.

I watch you run through grass & play in the sun.

The world is exciting! To you nature is such fun.

The memories you cherish, the thing that matters most

Is exploring the world around you; in it you find yourself engrossed.

I watch you lean on food in an unhealthy way,

Though it brings you comfort at the end of each long day.

You grasp for control over things you should not.

And why? When power isn’t something you sought.

I watch you lash out at others- mainly those that you don’t trust.

Or when it appears to you that things ended in unjust.

The line you walk is fine;

You’re curious in the world you roam.

But you quickly turn to violence

Due to fear of the unknown.

I watch you unable to lean on others,

Or trust anyone in whole.

Even in your worst outbreaks Dear,

You can’t give up control.

I wonder & I wonder…

Why don’t you feel safe?

Maybe you feel as if you’re trapped?

Do you feel like a slave?

Or could it be that you don’t know

If there’s someone who would help you?

At the end of the day, at the end of it all,

Will anyone stand beside you?

I wish I could do more than watch,

“You’re never alone”, I’d transmit.

But surely you know, you MUST know.

I’m more like you than I admit.


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