People Watching

It’s crowded in the park today, new faces pass on by.

Each one with their own unique story; their own “what, where, when & why”.

I take it upon me (I like a challenge, you see) to jump inside their heads.

What goes on inside of there? The true private lair!

Their minds are the place I feel lead.

Though it should come as no surprise, each face was completely distinct.

Their struggles varied large & wide, with stories printed in different ink.

But one thing that I noticed, yet only when I focused, was a key similarity among all.

Upon each new face, there was but a trace, of a darkness none would like to recall.

The specifics didn’t matter, they would drift, they would scatter. But that darkness would pull the same weight.

And over time I could see, that shadow would take lead & become a burden that would threaten their state.

It occurred to me then how alike we all are. Maybe not on the surface… but are we really so far?

Now these strangers that pass me by, I feel a bond with – but why? I know close to nothing of them.

Could it possibly be that I now clearly see: We all have a darkness inside?

If at the end of the day, what relates us on our way is our darkness, our sins & our scars

Then maybe I won’t judge you, and you won’t judge me too.

After all, it’s very crowded in the park.

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