Ups & Downs

It started with an itch… the kind you would barely notice. Or perhaps even ignore, but you don’t & so began your prognosis.

Now this itch is growing strong. You scratch it once, but is it gone?

There’s only so much one can do, to feed an itch with the hunger for two.

So you cave again to this unsatisfied need. You’re aware of the danger, yes… this warning you’ll heed.

Excuses are made for each scratch that follows. Why should you quit now when without it you feel hollow?

At night you tell yourself, “all is well, all is fine” but deep down you know you’re walking a fine line.

A new day begins when you finally know you want something better; you’re through with feeling so low.

You light up with excitement as you announce what you’ve discerned. You admit you have a problem! The hard parts over, you’re affirmed.

But the excitement dies down. It’s become a habit you now see. And though your mind is made up, the roots are deep (much like a tree).

How did you get here? What have you become? Your heart sinks once it hits you– the hard part’s just begun.

Each day will bring a battle. Some you’ll conquer, some you will not. But don’t let that leave you hopeless, for hopeless you are not.

And on the days that you feel there’s no fight left inside, remember it’s an itch (just a silly itch) and it’s all part of the ride.

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